How to Take Charge of Your Investing Portfolio and FINALLY Cash In Month after Month

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Why Student Rentals?

I had been investing in real estate since I was 20 years old.  I started as most people do focusing on nice and reliable investments, single family homes, the odd duplex here and there.  For the most part these investments did well, nice steady appreciation and not too many phone calls.  If I got enough of these types of properties and was willing to sit on them till I was 55 or 60 years old they’d probably be great for retirement.  But I didn’t want to wait 20 YEARS to start enjoying my life!!

I wanted the financial independence now.  My day job included a 90-minute commute each way so I had 3 hours a day to ponder my future while sat in traffic.  I wanted to quit my job and invest in real estate full time.  When looking at different real estate investing strategies I realized that Student Rentals had the best possible cash flow and still allowed me to build up long term equity.

With 12 MONTHS of focusing on Student Rentals exclusively I found myself standing in front of my CEO quitting my job, and feeling extremely liberated!

Now I’m able to plan my day, spend more time with my family and not have to commute for 3 hours a day.

In this course I’ll show you how I did this, and give you all the tools you need to either build a great additional income or even quit your job!

You have probably heard that student rentals earn a much higher cash flow than regular rentals … but you may have also heard that students will trash your property and that they are too much work.

It’s true … if you are a rookie investor who doesn’t know how to properly select, screen and manage your tenants, student rental investing can be a big nightmare.

Have you thought about investing in Student Rentals for some time but aren’t sure where to start?

Maybe you already own a student rental but find it hard to manage and time intensive…

$1,000 cash from one property per month, is it possible?

With the CA$H system many of your student rentals will generate $1,000 per month.

I am going to show you the system you can use to determine if a particular City and Neighbourhood is going to be a great place to invest for Student Rentals.  You can then apply this to your market and save yourself a lot of time and money.

This part of the course really creates the core of what you need to know to go onto be a successful Student Rental investor!

Tim wasn’t just teaching theory on the subject, but he worked in great examples of experiences he has had and challenges he has overcome. If you are attracted to the huge cash flow that can exist in student housing and now are even thinking about adding a student rental property into your portfolio, I recommend that you attend a Tim Collins workshop or webinar before you take action. The time invested can make or save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Michael Dominguez

I just completed the Student Rental Investing Course hosted by Tim Collins. I have to say he's brilliant. I've been a student rental investor for 5 years and currently own 3 properties. I wasn't quite sure what I was going to take away from the course but I learned a great deal! Tim has a way of breaking things down into relatively simple terms, this isn't rocket science, but you do need a solid plan of attack and this is where he comes in. He took us behind the curtain so to speak and into the mind of someone who invests and thinks about student rentals every single day. His experiences and helpful tips were excellent, and each week I took away one or two insights that will help me in growing my business. I highly recommend this program if you're thinking of getting into student rentals, or already have. If it's cash flow you're after then sign up.

Dan Pero, Ontario

Real Estate Investing creates permanent wealth – It can also create a great source of income for a better life today

I’m not suggesting that everyone should quit their job and be a full time investor, I did but that took some time and a lot of hard work on my part.   But by getting started sooner and taking action you can change you financial future.

Warren Buffett said “The best time to buy real estate was 30 years ago, the next best time is now.”

This is a long game and the sooner you get educated the sooner you can make great decisions towards your investing.

Introducing the Smart Student Rentals for Maximum Cashflow course

Well it’s an online/ virtual course.  I’m not asking you to fly out to Toronto for a weekend and incur loads of travel costs.

This is a 7 week course so you’ll have loads of time to ask me all your questions and get help with real situations that you’re working on right now.

It also allows you the freedom to complete the work from home and get laser focused on investing that is right for you.

This is REAL training with live weekly Q& A sessions and in addition to that you’ll have unlimited access to me via email, per hour coaching is typically $250+.  

There is limited space on this course as I want to ensure you get my full attention.

We are essentially going to walk through everything you need in order to pick your market, find great potential student rentals and then manage them.

The course is going to be hard work but will be very worthwhile and you can be welcoming your first students into your student property with 12 weeks.

Price for 7 Week Course $1,997  Now $997

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My business partner and I attended Tims live student rental seminar and learned a ton! Tim is one of the student rental industry leaders. We have implemented numerous tips and ideas that we learned at his seminar. Anyone thinking of becoming a student landlord would be smart to take Tims live or online training!

Gary Wray

Real Estate Investor & Zamboni Driver!

Here is your Smart Student Rentals for Maximum Cashflow training outline

The Myths & Realities of Student Rentals

The CA$H System: Finding the Best Location for Your Student Rentals

From Idea to Action: Buying Your Student Rental

Maximizing Rent, Minimizing Hassles – The MUST DO Renovation Plan for Your Student Rentals

Your Complete Student Rental Marketing Plan

Finding the best Students for your Student Rental

I don’t take empties as Payment: Collecting Rent from Students

The Core Principles of Managing Students

Building your student rental Team

    BONUS - Raising money with Joint Ventures - If you don't have the money to invest in Student Rentals keep reading!


I am going to show you how I got my JV partners and how you can do the same. Although some think raising money is a daunting task it gets easier with practice. And soon you'll be qualifying potential partners subconsciously while you chat to them.

First tip - When someone asks what you do unless you're famous and its obvious say "I'm a real estate investor" Boom! conversation started. Because secretly they want to be one as well. And maybe you'll be able the help them achieve that goal.

In addition to all the elements above we are also going to go step by step walk through the student rental lease identifying key elements you’ll need to include.


Here is a list of all the amazing things that are included with Smart Student Rentals for Maximum Cashflow course

Price for 7 Week Course $1,997  Now $997

Click BUY NOW below to sign up for the course at the "How to Cash Flow & Cash In with Hassle-Free Student Rentals." webinar discounted rate.

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Quentin D'Souza
Thank you Tim for an excellent presentation at the December Durham REI meeting. You were truly a professional speaker. I really appreciated your balanced approach to student rentals – sharing your triumphs and challenges. I will highly recommend Tim Collins as a speaker for other events in the future.
Quentin D'Souza Durham REI

When you think of student rentals, you think wild parties, damaged houses and chasing down students for rent money. Tim's experience has allowed him to create systems that maximize cashflow, while minimizing exposure to the risks of owning a student rental. From leases to renos, to financing, Tim's course provided great value and will certainly ease the learning curve for those looking to enter this segment of the real estate market. If you're serious about making student rentals a key part of your portfolio, this course is a must.

Mike Saunders, Ottawa

I was able to FAST-TRACK my understanding of student rentals with Tim's webinar course. Tim's presentation of the various facets of finding and running a student rental was organized, clear and concise. Consider it a one stop shop to your big picture view of the costs and benefits of venturing into an opportunity that I hope will replace my income. N.L. Lam

N.L. Lam